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  • Listening to: Ryuichi Sakamoto - War & Peace
  • Reading: eliten und macht in europa
  • Watching: negima!?, bleach, some films
  • Playing: gtasamp
  • Drinking: hmm still whisky
so i'll be gone for the next 10 days now, spending my winter holidays at the best resort of the world, in "Fiss" :)

i wish everyone of you merry christmas and a happy new year, do well and party better.. ;)

see ya
  • Listening to: breaking benjamin - forget it
  • Reading: vollidiot
  • Watching: negima!?, bleach, some films
  • Playing: bioshock
  • Eating: not enough...
  • Drinking: lots of whisky
well what should i say, to the last ones that are watchung me... i dont know if you have forgotten about who i am allready, but dont worry its not that important ;)

maybe i'll get a grip here again but i dont know exactly if i will, i think im gonna upload 1 or 2 photos again and see how it runs, i hope you still like my works allthough i changed a lot and rusted a bit! :)

well so far...
every day is getting longer
every night is getting shorter
i fell in and out of touch
not remembering the times
when i felt like a god

but never again
i will let go of these thoughts
it's like the old days when i said
"i'll strive for perfection"
never again i want to forget

decisions and times
i thought, they were to regret
it's good for now
because my old strength is back
the lone samurai is back on track

just in time
when i thought my heart would break
best friends and life
showed me the way
that will become destiny for me

thanks again
for the things that you did
my dreams aren't black and white
they're colorful shining
also blooming for those i want to protect

i am back
old soul shining bright-white
and i know where i belong
and what i want to get
it's like brothers in arms
you forced me back on track

(C) GhostOfFuture
  • Listening to: Ben Folds Five - Still Fighting It
  • Reading: Irrungen & Wirrungen
  • Watching: Bleach, Ah My Goddess
  • Playing: Trickster!
so i just wanted to update my journal because the last entry was on christmas eve O.O.... argh i really have to start taking photos again now when the weather gets finally better.
  • Listening to: Faithless - I Hope
  • Reading: Dieter Nuhr
  • Watching: nothing lately... -.-